Does Bark Begone Work?

Absolutely, but you don’t have to take our word for it; you view our happy customer reviws here

Does Bark Begone Hurt My Dog’s Ears?

Absolutely not. Bark Begone emits a sound that is high frequency not high volume. It emits a tone that is above the range of human hearing but well within the hearing range of a dog. The tone simply gets their attention because the sound is not often heard within the dog’s normal environment.

Is Bark Begone Harmful To My Other Pets?

Will Bark Begone be harmful to my other pets? Simply put, no. Your other pets such as cats, hamsters, fish, etc may hear the Bark Begone’s tone, but it is simply a high frequency (ultrasonic) tone, not a high volume tone. Bark Begone is 100% safe for all pets and humans.

My Neighbors Dog’s Bark All The Time. Will Bark Begone Work?

Bark Begone is a training aid. It is not an on/off switch for your dog nor is it a remote control. Simply pushing the button may make your dog stop barking momentarily, but what keeps your dog from not barking in inappropriate situations in the long term is training. Therefore, when you use Bark Begone and the dog stops barking, you must praise him or her and reinforce the good behavior. Then, the dogs come to associate their compliance with Bark Begone’s ultrasonic tone with good behavior. That is what stops them from inappropriate barking. Clearly, you can’t train your neighbor’s dogs in this fashion unless you have access to them regularly.

What Is The Range Of The Bark Begone?

The max effective range is 70 feet. Remember, Bark Begone is a training aid and as such you should be close to your dog so that you can praise him or her when he stops barking.

Can I Use Bark Begone On Other Dogs?

Yes. You can take your Bark Begone on a walk and drive off nuisance or annoying dogs with it when it is set on Setting II. This setting should not be used for training your dog. Consult your owners manual for further details.

What kind of battery does Bark Begone use?

The Bark Begone Handheld Device uses a single 9 volt battery (the square kind).

I Would Like To Order Another Device Or More Of Your Products.

Please see our online store HERE

I Bought This Device On Amazon / Target / Walmart And I Have Problems:

We do NOT sell on Amazon, Target, Walmart or any other place except on the OFFICIAL BARK BEGONE SITE. Beware, there are many knock offs of our product but this is the original product and this is the ONLY place where you can buy it!

I Need To Return A Product.

Need to return your product? No problem! Bark Begone offers a 30 day refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your Bark Begone products, return them for a refund any time within 30 days of purchase (exceptions made for long shipment times).

Please note that return shipping is NOT included.

To start the returns process, please email us at with the subject line containing: Return Request

You will then be provided with further RMA instructions. 

I Need Support On My Product.

No problem, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you! You can email us at Please include your order # if you have it!

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